Falck Fire Services UK Limited

Falck Fire Services UK’s Industrial Emergency Response team delivers a range of world class services to customers in a variety of industrial manufacturing sectors. Falck  prides itself on the quality of the services it delivers to companies at the heart of chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, energy, biofuel and biotechnology production in the UK.

  • Industrial firefighting– The business operates with an elite force of highly trained industrial fire fighters working with some of the best equipment in the world, capable of tackling the most serious of incidents
  • Chemical spill response– Response teams have people with the knowledge, skills, talents and equipment to mitigate any on or off site chemical spill emergency
  • Industrial medical emergency response– site protection officers are skilled medics equipped to save lives in situations including those where high level rescue or entry into a confined space is required
  • Site security– working in partnership with world class security experts to ensure customer premises are protected from ever increasing local and world-wide threats
  • Exercise, training and auditing skills– a widely acclaimed team of practitioners who have helped hundreds of customers across the UK and the world in improving emergency response capabilities.
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