Storage tank inspection software – DNV GL’s Synergi Plant – RBI AST

Software used by tank storage farms to optimize inspection strategies for storage tanks. Storage tank farms spend between USD 2 and 3 million on each storage tank refurbishment, which can decommission a tank for 12-18 months during repairs. Inspections and refurbishments can have environmental consequences and can also represent a danger to workers, so it is important that refurbishment is done when needed, not before. DNV GL customers have used the risk-based inspection methodology of Synergi Plant to improve maintenance strategy to an optimum level that reduces both costs and risk levels.

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Environmental Resources Management Ltd.

ERM is a leading global environmental consultancy whose large experienced land quality & contaminated site management practice has provided advice to CDOIF in its formulation of guidance for assessing Major Accidents to the Environment.

Our risk based approach to the identification of MATTE risk and potential mitigation has been positively received by the Environment Agency and other regulators. Our support has enabled clients to better target expenditure so helping them to meet the requirements of the new ‘Containment Policy’ in a more cost effective manner.

ERM has developed award winning remediation design techniques and has several SiLC’s within the team.

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