Adler and Allan

Adler & Allan provides a full range of tank services to the fuel, water, chemical, manufacturing, retail forecourts, major refinery and defence sectors.

Our services cover all aspects of tank operation, from installation, testing and ppm including tank gauge, pump and alarm servicing, to inspections in accordance to EEMUA and OFTEC guidelines and planning regulations.

We also carry out protective tank and bund lining, and tank purging, decommissioning and removal and are the UK’s leading emergency responder, providing a 24/7-365 emergency response service Nationwide.

Adler & Allan offers a range of tank services including:

Tank installation

Tank repair

Tank decommissioning

Tank removal

Tank inspection (incl. EEMUA)

Tank testing

Tank cleaning

Tank bund lining

POL Maintenance

OFTEC inspection services & compliance

NDT Inspection services & Tank Integrity Testing

Cathodic Protection

Pollution prevention

Spill response

Polyurea coatings and linings


24/7 remote leak detection monitoring

Fuel delivery

Fuel uplifts


Bund surveys and lining

Fuel Polishing and testing

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